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One of beautiful of God was created and admired by human is jewelry. Jewelry has became part of human life until now

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Jewelry is a product attached to the Indonesian people's lives, which is not limited to the specific socioeconomic, age, or gender. Jewelry is not only a status symbol or akesesoris associated with beauty / beauty, but also a promising investment.

In 2016, the value of jewelery sales in Indonesia grew 13% with a value of Rp. 21 trillion and is forecast to continue to experience strong growth in line with the increase in prices of raw materials, one of which is gold (Euromonitor, 2016). Gold remains memjadi jewelry raw materials of the most demanding public Indonesia with a market share of 59%, and rings and necklaces are the type of jewelry is most preferred.

Along with the changing tastes of the people and the development of technology, today appeared many requests jewelry that use raw materials other than gold such as titanium and palladium are also combined with gold which has a design and a varied selection. PT.Hartadinata Eternal has become part of the gold jewelry industry in Indonesia over a long enough time since 2003. Competition in this industry is not easy, which price is not the major factor considered by consumers before they buy jewelry. Product quality, design, and trust becomes the key to the success of this business, and PT.Hartadinata Abadi has proven successful in this industry.

Innovation has always been the main focus of the company, both in terms of design innovation, technology and human resources. Created perfection of sincerity and love of beauty makes our products gain a special place in people's hearts.

The development plan of the company in the near future is the development of market coverage throughout the country, not only through traditional distribution means but also e-commerce. In addition the company will also focus on improving the design quality through technology and competent human resources and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.

We will give our best to become the leader in this industry.


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Sandra Sunanto

President Director

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Download Profile Company PT. Hartadinata AbadiIndustrial manufacturing jewelry, gold jewelry manufacturing knususnya has a huge business potential which this industry has a market demand will continue to grow in line with improving economic conditions and growth medium social class. Demand for gold jewelry becomes part of life and the everyday culture of Indonesian society, both intended to beautify themselves, as part of the customs even for investment. One characteristic of this industry is the role of brand manufacturers are not significant influence purchasing decisions public, but the public has confidence in the brand seller and research Euromonitor International (2016) proved that the market share of sellers of gold jewelry traditionally known as a gold store in Indonesia amounted sekilar 90 %....



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