As most of you already know, a personality profile test is commonly used in recruitment processes. All companies use such a test to find potential employees who can grow together with the business. However, there are some misconceptions about a personality test and here they are.

A Personality Test is not Accurate and Can be Manipulated

Many people think that a personality test can be easily manipulated as it is a self-report process. This means that a talent is asked to assess themselves based on the given scale in the test. They could assess themselves as a quality individual, but in fact, they might not be one. However, companies do not have to worry about this as personality tests generally have a lot of scales to measure a variety of personalities.

Besides the main scales, some personality tests also have additional scales used to measure candidates’ honesty in doing the test. The consistency of their answers can also be illustrated by the Likert scale chosen for the repetitive questions.

Talents Who are Successful in Their Work are Only Those with Certain Personality Types

At a glance, many people think that most companies are filled with cheerful people who love to socialize and interact. However, there is no strong scientific evidence that can show a certain personality type will be more successful in a certain position than other personality types.

Instead, there is evidence showing that dividing people into groups of personality types may not be the most appropriate way of assessing one’s personality. Because once again, humans cannot have 100% personality, aspect, or category.

One’s Success Can Only be Measured by Personality Tests

Several HR practitioners mention that in order to thoroughly assess an individual, it needs a combination of other methods as a complement. For example, if the personality profile test shows a result that the candidate does not fit the personality predicted at the beginning of the recruitment process, but they show good results in the interview, the company will still consider hiring them.

Companies also need to use other assessment methods, such as CBI, BBI, and assessment tests.

Personality Tests Conclude One’s Good and Bad at Work

This is definitely a misconception as a personality test only assesses one’s tendencies. When a company gets deep into the characteristics measured by a personality profile test, it is necessary for them to remember that those tendencies will generate results according to the given situation.

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