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Do you know the job function of a personal shopper? Have you ever heard of this profession? As the name implies, a personal shopper works by shopping things, mostly fashion, for their clients. Though it looks weird, this profession is getting popular recently. According to research, there will be 33,568 personal shoppers in 2020. So, what is the responsibility of it?

Providing Good Shopping Experience

One of the main jobs of a personal shopper is providing a good shopping experience. Therefore, most personal shoppers work for one client at a time. In order to achieve this goal, a personal shopper will guide their client and provide suggestions regarding services and products according to the client’s needs.

After that, they also need to keep up and maintain the commitment to keep a strong relationship with their clients.

Processing Clients’ Payment

When a client pays for the goods that they have bought, a personal shopper has to adjust their payment method with the shop’s system. Moreover, a personal shopper also needs to help their clients to create a payment plan when necessary. This initiative is taken so that the store can make sure that all the goods bought have been paid.

This job function of a personal shopper is actually related to their main job, which is providing a good shopping experience.

Sales Responsibility

Some of you are probably wondering about what sales responsibilities are. This refers to a personal shopper’s duties and targets given by their sales team. Normally, personal shoppers have targets, such as a number of appointments with their clients, sales quota of goods, and the quality of the shopping experience that needs to be reached.

Skills and Qualifications Needed to be a Personal Shopper

Most personal shoppers have a degree in marketing, fashion design, and communication studies. However, companies and retail stores that provide a personal shopping service typically do not prioritize any degrees of certain studies. Instead, they look for candidates with specific skills and qualifications, such as:

  • Reliable communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Skills to perform many tasks in a dynamic working environment.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Basic math and computer skills.
  • Understanding the most updated trends and developments in the fashion industry would be a plus point.

The jobs and responsibilities of personal shoppers are actually different, depending on the clients’ needs and preferences. However, there are some jobs that every personal shopper must do. That is all the job function of a personal shopper.

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